Interstitial Building in Libertador Avenue, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This project is situated facing the Palermo park system by landscape designer Carlos Thays in Buenos Aires Argentina. This building is situated in a narrow 20' (6m) width site, turning into narrow and slender building design proposal whcih considers the site an interstitial space within a consolidated urban fabric. The building proposes duplex and triplex units  integrated by a topological spatial continuity materialized through the vertical ciurculation and the facade. Complex dynamic and transparent stair pieces in parallel to enfolded facade systems carry the design topology of the proposal tensioning the interstitial intervention of the building within the fabric of the block. The dynamic quality of the stair piece follows the fluidity of the spaces that are generated in the facade and that articulate interior-exterior spatial continuities.



Building area: 3,400.00 sqm (m2)

Units: apartments and houses 250m2

Site area: 350 m2

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Architect in charge: Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, CPAU; Design Research Lead: Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa; design team: Luo Xuan, Eunil Cho