2022-02 Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa's Research on Artificial Intelligence activates robotic automation or a sentinel as emergent programming. Usually Midjourney is used to either develop predictive AI or generative AI of images resolving vision features such as perspective, rendering light raytracing and other features. Through NLP activating prompt engineering in LLM, activating a program of a program, the research developed through Midjourney's generative AI framework an emergent programming. Since Midjouney was not trained at the time to recognize simulation (January-July 2022 trial version), the project through several forced cycles was able to recognize visual features in images and recognize the task to resolve by activating an emergent programming able to resolve a task from data patterns. The project activated several definitions of AI: from self simulation to a program of a program, to emergent programming. The project also activates feedback between environmental simulation and architecture and urbanism optimization in relation to the applied simulation, searching for optimal building and city blocks forms that perform, activate and enhance environmental corridors to promote the lowering of the heat island effect in cities.

Paper originally submitted to ACADIA 2022 Conference but not accepted due to late submission deadline laying out the principles of the research.  The research was published in the book of May of 2023.

Diffusion Models AI images retrieved via API through MidJourney. We understand that Midjourney breaks international copyright laws by retrieving copyrighted material. We did as much as we could to work out images we know are of free copyright use including our own images as far as we could. We also aim at activating scientific validation and accurate methods which are not copyrighted.

For more information and description of the research and findings refer to the book "Digital Signifiers in an Architecture of Information: From Big Data and Simulation to Artificial Intelligence", Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Routledge, London 2023: