Canvascraper exhibition








2017-03 Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa's Canvascraper exhibition is currently up at The School of Architecture of The Cooper Union, at the Dean's Wall. This exhibition is part of a fund raising initiative by Dean Nader Tehrani to support the free tuition policy at The Cooper Union. The exhibition of this project became a project in itself, carried out to represent some of the ideas developed at  ARCH 177/482B course lead by Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa where students develop the means and conditions to represent, draw and build their own projects.

From coding, to fabrication, the Canvascraper exhibition project is phased through several means of actualizing the conditions that the project activates: from diagrams that activate the coding implemented to create the informed field reacting to the existing topography of the site; to a digitally fabricated series of model-drawings-inscriptions that activate the spatial qualities and logic of the project. The exhibition phases from two dimensional digital codings dealing with the relationship between the topography of the site and the typology of the project; to relief inscriptions that activate the background of the canvas as well as the figuration of the project and the tension between the two, aiming to activate the desired tension between the site and the emergent quality of the project that aims to redefine the site, but from the latent conditions of geological origination of the rock formations that create its special topo-logos. In the exhibition, the drawing progressively becomes a physical model, by expanding dimensionally the topography of the project activating the figuration of the project, tensioning the canvas-frame of the exhibition.

The technology implemented (CNC milling machine) to work out the model-drawings-inscriptions was developed by Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa based on the groundscraper project for Las Grutas in Uruguay (e-architects) with the assistance of students at The Cooper Union: Gabriel Munnich and Yaoyi Fann and from related research that was initiated through several courses at ARCH 177-482 computer course lead by Prof. Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa "Machines to Draw and Build". This course aims to expand authorship to the design mechanisms that prescribe a digitally developed project, such as the background coding computer languages used to draw and the digital fabrication technologies and machines used to build. The intention of this project is that students would eventually develop their own tools as part of the expansion of a project.   For more information on these themes: Groundscraper Project East Uruguay; Arch 177-482B; machines to draw and build